What does it mean?

I’m driving all day, ever day.

Beep, beep, “Why don’t you watch where you’re going!”


I see this woman driving away from some friends.

Beep, beep, “See you later.”


I am driving in an up scale side of town.

An authoritative looking person drives up beside my truck because they want to park their expensive car.

Beep, beep, “Can you move so I can park my car.”


The whole concept of ‘Beep, beep’ is keeping pace with a growing car culture and a technological spurt.  We have moved from using the horn in emergency situations to road rage and even more anecdotal reasons.

Using Our Practical Wisdom

Using love and care in our work and relationships are the love of knowledge or the use of information or the value of experience.

We can not substitute living with money and opportunity.

Living requires a love for work and relationships and we don’t need to harm ourselves or others to do it.

We need to be professional about living a practical life.  That doesn’t mean we have to stop putting love in our lives.  It doesn’t mean we have to stop receiving love in our lives.

But we need to be smart about loving knowledge and applying it in our everyday living.  We need to nurture our loving nature and mentor it in ourselves and others.

Philosophy is the love of knowledge and when applied to our lives with practical experience we grow a wise family and community, we grow wise companies and institutions.

We need to transform ourselves and others to build a better world.

Do it with love, knowledge, philosophy and practical experience.

Mother’s Day








And Leisure

Starting out in the morning, we plan to head out on the bus to have fun at the casino. We will be with family and friends so there is no reason to hurry or worry.

We may stop for lunch or just have a snack.

We may enjoy the visit, but we plan to be home for supper.

There is just a brief overview because we plan to do whatever works best.

Mostly, we are going out like we usually do on the holidays, we just like to have a good time.

I’ll be with you every step of the way, your son, Michael.