Does Work Kill Each Other?

Why does the innocent person harm the savior?

How does the problem grow bigger when the solution grows smaller?

How can the ignorant be right and the one who knows be wrong?

There are no answers.  There are only questions.


When the poor get poorer and multiply.  The rich die out but get richer.

When all the beauty in the world does no harm.

But all the truth in the world is a lie.

We can’t see.  We have lost all the common sense.

We don’t want to listen or be heard.

We are all sick, tired, lonely, and scared.


We blame each other.

We treat things badly because there is no way out.

We keep making the same dumb mistakes.

Getting help is hard, every buddy wants to say no.

But we keep putting our hand out.  We get enough to eat.  We find enough to grow and reproduce.


Yet, people kill each other.  Violence is king.

There are no simple answers.

You need to fight to be heard.

And work still shits on you and you shit on someone at work.  Time to stop!  Make it different.