I am a liberal.
Is principle still an important element?
Who do we need in this country!
The voter is important.
The best conscious effort will help.
The Canadian way will pave our future: federal election 2015.
The more we vote the merrier our outcome.

Breakdown (Healthy aging)

Age seems to effect the hardware and software.

Are we all growing old?

It is nice to stay current with information and communication.

Are we capable of following things through from beginning to end without causing needless harm?

Technology is making me weak in some ways and strong in others.

Can I find a healthy balance?

So many of us are getting older, what is the best way to work it out?

Do we work harder?  Of course we do.

Do we hang around?   If it is right, I can only speak for myself.

What about euthanasia?

What about it?

Is it right for you?

When it is all over, what will our children’s children think about it?

Let’s make it good for them.