Information and Communication

This is not a cause.

Nothing comes cheap or free.

With the help and support and work we move towards a way to be.

It is like evolution in the moment.

The urge to quit is strong in all of us.  That’s why it is called work or opus.

Yet, to name it or publicly claim it is a theory that does not work in practice.

Too much luck, not enough time or resources make it impossible to achieve in a competitive environment.

Lots of luv.

Lots of failure.

Growth and success is a symptom.

Money changing hands.

The Nigger Of The Narcissus by JC

He is a working man.

This ship of life is the Narcissus.

The truth shines through the forecastle lamps.

The work of art is this man and the men and ship and sea!


Crane as I might, I can only hear the music, see the sights.

Loud and bright, my sense of right and wrong delight.

Morals captivate the dark of night.

Heart and souls prat with fight.


Truth and beauty make easy bedfellows.

Morals put a judgement on the table.

Men like women never make a bellows.

The life is the source as it is able.


Tell me a story.

Leave me a fable.