Surviving In The Digital Age

file record segment is unreadable


It is amusing to see how difficult it is to repair a computer that does not start.

Sometimes, it is quite difficult to identify the problem.

Even then, it is not a sure thing that the repair can be done.

Hours or even days later it may be necessary to ask a professional to repair the problem.

I believe IT people are important and useful to the community of people who need help fixing their computer problems.

Clarinet 2010

“Did I sell this wine to you?”


“Do you like it?”

“I had a glass yesterday… and I thought, I want another bottle of this ambrosia.”

“I like this wine myself.  Not a lot of people know about it.”

“I have been interested in wine for years.  And I think it is very good.”

“  Ya, I think I’m going to have another bottle too.”

She is a very sassy girl, the one who likes to flirt with the customers.  I like her too.

It’s not everyday that I get a very sassy bottle of wine for under 20 dollars.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Driving My Mom Crazy!

Getting the rental van.

Making the appointment to the casino.

Doing the activity with family and friends.

Watching the outcomes.

What is happiness?

What is fun?

Being present and doing what is done.

Keeping it simple.

Going with. the flow.

Making the memories.

And doing what is best.

She really is the best.

I love her more than I know.

Happy Mother’s Day.