Green, Green

Earth is a wonder.

The astronomical fact is clear.

From space this planet is bright with light that reflects naturally from the sun.

Of course, we see the colors white and blue:  lots of cloud and water.

The land is brown and green.

At night there is dark blue and black.  Many bright lights shine from cities around the world.  Sometimes, there are flashes from lightening storms.

The dominate color of the Aurora Borealis is green, because it represents atomic oxygen or the atmospheric gas.

Green represents oxygen gas when the atomic particles are charged in the atmosphere.

And it represents the plant life on this beautiful planet.

All this science proves the truth about our pretty home.

And yet, the color in this picture is changing from an abundance of green to more and more brown.  We are loosing the life here on earth.

Will we need to move to survive?

Can we live in a greener way?

Do we want the planet to live?

Questions abound about the experience of living a greener way on earth.

Is it the right decision to live a greener life?

Most of us try to keep on ‘striving and thriving’ in many ways.

Celebrating poetry, astronomy and earth day represents truth and beauty today.

Being responsible at work and play makes a greener planet.

Going green makes sense to me.

I believe in practicing what I preach, because it is the best way to live.

In this spirit, it seems that education can only work to a point, without a small commitment to live green, there will be no lasting life experience.

Check out living green on the net and in the community.

Begin to believe in green, green!

A Movie I Starred In

Night Train To Lisbon:  Your Life Can Change In An Instant

The movie opens with what seems like me in my study and continues to a scene on the bridge where I rescue a woman trying to commit suicide.  Again, I remember this happening in my own life.  But he is not me and the suicide attempt is not the same.  But again, he is teaching a class in philosophy, a stoic way of being.  Again, I can relate to this on a deep level.

The book is an important element in the plot because the main character wants to feel what it is like to be the author.  This sense is interesting to me as a writer.  Then the movie begins to take on a life of it’s own.  And, yet again, I am hooked on the ideas that are expressed in the story.  I loved the acting in this movie.  Jeremy Irons does a commendable job.  Of course, the ending is great.  If you like to suspend your sense of self and loose yourself in a movie, let it happen in this one.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Stephen Hawking


What can I say about physics. I love science and art. I choose art. I am a writer and admire those who write books. I was given Stephen Hawking’s book: a brief history of time as a present from a good friend. I am a generalist. And I have a great passion for ideas. To have enjoyed his book is an understatement. Now I can say the same thing about his autobiography. The movie is a great inspiration. It is a tasteful depiction of the life of an important human being. Personally, I have a great passion for inspiration. It is very satisfying to see it rendered so well in this wonderful story about a personal hero.

Check The Gas Tank

To yawn is to wake up.

Walk to oxygenate the blood.

Learn the difference between resting and relaxing.

Water is more important than food.

Take a light bath, get out in the sun.

On seeing, look at stuff you fear, take it apart and make some sense out of it.

Do we have to die?

Curing cancer is in the way.  Face the facts of your genetic passport.  Apply proteomics and watch out for oxidation.  Cardiac or hypertension will do us all in.  Science is truth found out.  We need our health.

Gandhi Health Guide may have been severe, but “prevention is better than cure.”

But don’t dwell on your health.

Happiness Defined

The Formula For Happiness

1.  Decide.

2.  Deconstruct it into basic parts to research.

3.  Search and discover the answer  to learn these parts.

4.  Practice learning to do these parts.

5.  Make a pre-commitment.

If I told you, you could have immense success with finding happiness by working for it 20 minutes a day, twice a day for a month, would you try the experiment?  Would you be willing and able to make this pre-commitment?


Do you want to be happy?  Be specific, I want to be healthy, wealthy and wise.  There are sub skills to these basic parts.  To be healthy you need a good sleep, eat well, and exercise on the regular basis.  To exercise can be emotion, mental and spiritual.  On a basic level, we all need to slow down and smell the roses.  To chit-chat with a friend or a relative can help us sort out our daily problems.  A combination of journal writing and chit-chat can work just as well.

Deconstruct your desire to be happy into parts.

Everyone wants to be happy.  The basic problem is to practice the good habit or doing the work.  Science proves to most of us the value and worth and how to complete the habit.  How do I practice the good habits of sleep, eating and exercise?  Basically, it is important to plan for a good sleep.  And to produce the good habit we must learn to adjust to the slips or mistakes that circumstances and poor habits produce in our daily lives.  Adjusting our environment will ease the workload and set us up for a good sleep every night.  You know, unplug the gadgets and phone, draw the curtains, don’t eat in bed, get to sleep at a decent hour.  If you don’t know, research ‘how to’.

It may sound overly simplistic to practice these skills and master the habits to meet our core needs.  Psychology today is very exact.  It says we need a list of things to strive and thrive.  One is to self-actualize or practice being who we are.

Some people have a good understanding of who they are.  That can be encapsulated by the ancient philosophy of Epictetus.  Know Thyself or work within our limits.  Skim through the book for a better understanding of this concept or any concept.  Again, it is hard to believe this basic concept is part of such a basic need for life.  Yet, this skill is essential for happiness.

It Is Easy To Do.

Now all these good habits can be found in a basic text of psychology.  The realization that we use these habits everyday is obvious.  The simple truth is that we complicate it by trying to do too much or beyond our ability.  We fail to sleep, eat or exercise.  If we are willing to ‘go back to school’ and practice these good habits on the regular basis, we will become happy.


Lastly, you need to repeatedly tell yourself to make the sacrifices needed to create these good habits.  One simple method by Author Josh Kaufman is called The First 20 Hours.  I saw him plugging his book on accelerated learning and decided to use the concept to describe happiness.

So, to reiterate, I have been playing a bit of a mind game.  I have used an excellent learning method to help breakdown happiness into basic skill and habits.  I could have said try to be good at performing your basic needs to be happy.  But common sense is obliterated in every age.  Writing is all about framing the truth for everyone to see.  So I brushed off the fleas to convince you to practice good habits.  There are so many truths said in clichés:  life is a gift, time is flitting, sharing is the bond that keeps us all together.  Good luck!

Experimenting With The Internet

Surfing the net, I guess.

To read a blog online, watch a vid, or just search a term like ‘fodder’.

I like to keep an open mind and see what ideas appear when I glance at a book, go for a walk, and go for flow in the day.

Lots of times, I do my routine:  start up my laptop, check my homepage for e-mail, or notices, respond to information as it appears on the net.

It is a job I love to do everyday.

Code seems to be an interesting subject to learn about.

I like to blog and set up websites.

I’m reading a lot of good articles.

I like to write reviews.

Higher Energy Leads To Higher Happiness

Am I loonie or happy for believing this idea?

I find that I get higher energy when I eat, sleep and exercise.

The better I do all three, the better my energy level.

The higher my energy level, the more good habits I practice.

Or is my energy level too low to be normal?

Am I sick?

My energy level is on the move.

When circumstances demand too much from my supply, I get sick and tired.

While I live a good lifestyle, there is room for improvement.

I can generally entertain myself when my energy level is high, but when it is low I tend to need support that leads to bad habits.

Maybe health, and a wealth of good habits lead to higher happiness.

Concrete Change

The situation is high risk because the move is big.

To leave something and replace it with a search for something is very difficult when it is a job.

Quite literally the change is about going from a known quantity into a job search that will change my life.

The resources make it possible, but the consequences can leave me broke or in debt.  There is a temptation to panic and take the first opportunity that comes my way.

Quality of life is almost a joke.  To find balance and peace during a big change seems difficult, but without the routine of a steady job and income, I rely on good habits and the absence of work to give me the resources to practice core habits like a good night sleep, a good workout, healthy food, a healthy routine.

Using my time and energy that are freed up from the last job will help me renew my life style.

In a way, the job search is a full-time job.  The steps I take on the day-to-day basis are important.  I need to look and decide what to do each day.

Wake up and apply for work.  Take courses to find work.  Apply for the resources needed to get the job.

What is a wise way to use my time and energy?

Having and using a philosophy to change is something on every one’s mind.  Is it helpful or a time to use a better philosophy?  Self improvement is everyone’s goal.

So, the experience is had sparingly because it is not done without purpose. Right or wrong it is happening.  The awareness of this change will bring acceptance and some understanding and the outcomes will be based on my skill, the need in the market, some real luck and sticking to the job of a long hard search.

Wish me luck.

A Call To Be

Many things happen all at once, inside and out, experience and awareness, mental and physical.

Life is not a linear process.

Self-actualization is not the only need.

Yet, we don’t live in a vacuum.

It takes two to tango.

We may be a dance step ahead or behind or just in time.

Flaming, bursting, buoyant, living souls soar.

Be me, be you, be us, whatever will be, will be.