Journaling Is My Friend And An Adventure With Saffron

Okay, maybe journaling isn’t that sexy.  The point is, I like to journal because it helps me slow down and think things through.  It is a handy aid for people like me who like to reflect on thoughts and ideas.  Take my sudden interest in Saffron.  I picked up a bottle of Spanish Saffron for about 8 bucks.  And I found a rice recipe I’ll use to make some lunches for work.  And I’ll try one meal at supper tonight to see if I like the dish enough for work.

The adventure is already on it’s way.  I’ve had a nice conversation about saffron with a relative.  The topic came up because of my interest in the subject.  I’ve noticed saffron at the market.  And I thought it might make a good new recipe for lunches this week.  I’ll just grind it up and put it in a veggie dish I’ll make this afternoon.

I plan to make enough rice and veggies for three meals.  And I’ll have one for supper tonight.  If the recipe turns out, I’ll eat two more for lunches this week.  I can just freeze them and bring them to work.  I’ll make the same rice I’ve been cooking for years.  And I’ll add mixed veggies and grind up about 3 strands of saffron.  After the rice and veggies are cooked, I’ll mix them together.  I’ll add the ground saffron to the mix.

I plan to add a little salt.  But I don’t want to make my meal taste too complex.  I’d prefer to have my palate  mostly clean to prepare myself to acquire the taste.  I have found that changes in my food sometimes take numerous attempts before I can find a use for them in my diet.  I may find the perfume quality of the saffron too much of a change for the first attempt.  However, I may be surprised at my familiarity to the spice.  I don’t remember eating it before, but I have eaten a lot of Indian cuisine and many dishes that have the ‘perfume’ taste in it.  Anyhow, I’ll reflect some more when the deed is done.  Who knows, it may turn out to be a dish to try out with friends and relatives.


Have you ever tasted Saffron?  This is the correct spelling for the word.  I know how important it is to know the spelling of a substance you may or may not know much about.  Have you ever heard about the nutritional or herbal benefits of the spice?  The jury is out on this one.  I guess further study is needed to be more conclusive.  You may want to pick some up to give it a try.  I’m going too.

The trick is to buy it when it is red.  The redder the better.  And you can store it in the fridge in vinegar and it will be ready when you want to cook with it.

Fish and rice are the obvious choice dishes for saffron.  I’d like to try it.

Maybe, I’ll make some up on my day off.  I got so interested that I brought the topic up to my relatives on Facebook.  There is a lot of information and the spice seems worth looking into for me.  I believe the best price is about 12 bucks for a quarter of a gram.  This is plenty to use for cooking a few dishes and to store in the fridge.  My local food market sells it.  I’m sure it is easy to buy in the downtown area.  Check it out:

Blathering Peace

You need to know when it is right to fight for peace, to be a peace keeper.

You can’t be at odds with the world over a peaceful resolution to your problem.

You make it sound like you’re right and everyone is being violent and non-peaceful.

You can’t stand the peace and quiet.

You are always at me to find a peaceful solution.

You say that peace is a luxury.

You are a warrior clamoring after peace.

Calm, still, silent: you rest in peace.

Quiet time is important:  inner peace.

Can we control ourselves and make ourselves peaceful?

Is there any real peace in me?

My peace is a life time effort.

Peace and Poverty

What?  Poetry  can encapsulate the idea.  Leaders bring inspiration and followers.  Foundations can guide and moderate money.  Yet, people can change the outcome.  If there are enough people, anything is possible.

People are poverty.  There are 500 million in the Sub Sahara alone.  People are peace.  The world has many people who espouse peace.  Where is the work being done?  What are the issues:  The global work is mostly done by the west and many individuals do poverty.  No wonder it is described like a disease.  Every one of us has the fear of poverty because we need to work for a solution.  Where and when and who will do it?

Like any issue of conscious, blowing the whistle is the place to start.  Poverty is just another form of abuse that we are all guilty of committing in some form or another.  My favorite is avoiding work.  Or going in debt.  I believe each time I take responsibility for my mistakes I take one more step to a better personal economy.  It helps to talk about the issue and discover the best way to express it.  Being a good listener is important when it comes to identifying an issue that is so painful and abstract.

What are the rules?  I like to think  of the rules of prosperity for a moment.  My good friend use to tell me that it is only money changing hands.  This phrase expresses a whole philosophy around how to be prosperous or how to handle money.  The same is true of poverty.  It may be obvious to you, but sharing seems like an important rule to me.

How and when do we share?  First, I think we have to make sure it is safe and healthy to do the job.  The work is really just another expression of living a healthy life.

So, enough with the empty platitudes.  I need to get back to work.

This is not a critique on a Musa Dieng Kala Film

I guess this is a rant.  I went to do laundry at my apartment this morning to find a young man and women sleeping in this room.  I believe our economy is starting to pick up because of many reasons.  But when I hear that over 500 million people suffer in poverty in the sub Saharan Africa,, I wonder.  There are so many people from this region that only have exile as an option.

I have always wanted peace and to prevent poverty.  I work at both.  It helps to be born and live in a rich culture and country like Canada.  There is a lot of change that produces problems abroad in places like Africa,  And I see changes happening in many places around the globe.

To echo the call for no nation to be abandoned is a start.  Here in the west, we are focusing on resources.  And we see water in the Sahara.  Who knows what can be accomplished with Africa when water may be mined to improve the global ecology:  Yet, past attitudes towards this country has not helped the economy or culture.  It is difficult to find a way to support Africa without harming people and resources.

Africa today is the important key to change.  People from Africa talk and write about major problems in their country,  The key issues underlined in this well written essay point at poor education, foreign interference, and poor leadership and corruption.  We need to communicate our desire to support and accept the ways Africa wants to change. 

Perhaps, a blog like this can be supportive.  I am learning more about the people and culture around the planet.  And I know everyone is doing the same.  As a student, I believe in listening and learning and good communication.  I hope people follow my lead and watch this film called Has God Forsaken Africa?  Our local library has a copy.  And the national film board has a cite: