Stealing Home

Every act that destroys nature is a bad one.

A good one is a blessing:  the library, the park, the hospital, the services like roads and streets.

An ignorant one is usually a mistake:  bad business, abuses to land/property and descriptive phrases like “this home and native land.”

To treat the poor is a blessing that makes everyone of us a better person.

To treat the environment is good.

To act these good or blessing ways will led to a mature alliance with a great power.

To begin is to see nature as our greater good.

Faith Is Just A Feeling

Adultery is a way to act out of faith.

Most agree it is childish, but who isn’t from time to time.

Yet, faith is a calling every adult uses to painstakingly earn maturity.

Sexuality becomes a moot point to those with a faith bearing the fruit of adulthood.

Any human being is capable of loosing faith when suffocated by pornography, violence, or human trafficking.

The struggle to gain a balance with the way faith is, is an important commandment in our nature.


The Way To Nuture Nature

Is there a wrong way to kill?

Is there a better way to live and die?

Can some of the pain and suffering be worked out on this issue?

Will we study our own and learn how to work it out?

Can we better ourselves and stop diluting issues beyond our control?

The command to stop the act of killing must be of some worth.

To learn the way to live and die must be of some worth.

To decide the way to live and die is an important job that we can do for ourselves.

Honestly Honor Mom and Dad

Be rich with gifts like time and energy.

Don’t fight over inheritance with anyone.

Be a kind caretaker and seriously weigh each problem like you do for yourself and others.

Society needs to support us.  As clearly, as if it were written on the wall:  health care is important.

Ageism is a serious problem for us all to work out.

Honor our faith like we do the best in each of us, because the worst will be easier to accept.


To dig a hole in nature must be a mistake.

The way is not to be improperly used and must be maintained to preserve it for future generations.

Yet we idolize it and make theme parks and other trinkets out of her wealth.

The great arguments disclose science god and religion god.

How much more damage is to be made in the name of gods?

There are so many misused images like conservative and liberal.

The real source is being misrepresented, diluted, and used in harmful ways.

The engraving we do will cut a form out of nature that will cause us to question and answer our errors.