The Ballad Of Natural Wellness

The old cliche of beauty and truth well up through the benefits of foods.

Those that don’t harm the body or cause allergic reactions to our moods.

There are too many types to “swear in” at the table.

Why don’t we send our mother this silly cable.

Oh nature, nurture us with whole grains, nuts, seed, and legumes.

And a modicum of eggs, fish, chicken, and beef with salient amounts of perfumes.

She’ll cast a shadow or disease at those of us who gamble.

Simple truth shows abstaining from refined carbs and bad fats are the sorter.

To overcome, to compensate, to correct all the above is a shamble.

We need to complete this task with pure water.

We work hard at natural wellness by abstaining from  desirous foods.

“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.”

Ode To Poetry Month

Lazy last days lengthened by lamp at night.

Unveiled eyes see all my secrets.

Sounds permeate each stanza and each thought in my head.

They dance and touch and embrace and kiss.

There is a long looping lace that ties the boot shut.

The Olympic flame symbolizes the struggle, the burning desire for “truth and beauty” in every step of the race.

No propaganda, no censorship, no violations of the human spirit will be tolerated here.

Crassness, overbearing prose and self indulgence are stated as clearly as a poet can.

Many claim rights or make proclamations.  Some elude to provocative and pornographic images.

None can claim they have won the race.

For all are invited next spring, where a feast on words and sound will cultivate image and more wit or feeling than any old Apocalypse.

Let’s bury our sorrow in song and dance.

Let’s celebrate with recitals and readings.

Til next year then or the next poem whichever comes next.

Ode to the unabashed, the unashamed, the encumbered, the unsustained.




My Side Or Your Side?

Try walking around worms after a rain.

Try letting the wind blow you to and fro.

Try watching the sun all day, until it sets.

Then you’ll be on my side.

Try mediating outcome in anyway.

Try listening and watching and going your way.

Try learning and teaching and watching them learn and teach.

Try being a student then practice and teach.

Whose side is better anyway?

You do it your way.

You say and do things that matter and count.

You show and tell, teach and learn.

You know yourself and get to know others.

Then I’ll be on your side.

Yin and Yang, up and down, what difference does it make?

Questioning my side and your side and all the rest of it, makes living a work in progress.



My hobbies are hiking, biking, writing, photography, reading, animation, philosophy, and astronomy.

I work as a wine maker, which is just an elegant way of saying, “I’m a production worker.”

I am single.

I believe in spirituality.

People who inspire me are Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama.

My favorite author is J.R.R. Tolkien.

I believe in peace.

I’m proud to be a Canadian, but not too proud.

I am waking up.

“Stay vertical, walk hard, and hard optimism” is my way of staying awake!

And “another just day” is my prayer or visualization:  it means to do my best and seek a fair way to be.

The more information I have the better I am.

Why “Vincent” ?  He inspires me to dig deep and create the “opus” of my life.

Nature Is Still Growing

The acts of mercy and justice are a sign.

We are all coming together and we have been growing for a very long time.

Each spring the parts come together and produce more change and growth.

There are humbling moments that require our attention.

There are always people with humility that cooperate and produce results.

We need our seasoning and reasoning to help us get things done.

We can’t do it without the unity of nature, maturity, and knowledge born from experience.

Spock said it best, “Live long and prosper.”

Building Peace Through Being Good People

Stop acting on your most destructive desire.

Try to act on your least difficult aversion and work your way to the more difficult.

(Easier said than done.)

Building peace is just as expensive as building war.

Give up eating hamburgers to help pay for peace.

Give up a luxury to help pay for good food and rest.

Finding a balance is the hardest part to do.

Study your own “pain and suffering” to learn how to stop harming yourself and others.

Learn the good way to live and die.

Produce a passive wealth product that creates wealth for yourself and family.

Contributions to peace come in tiny steps of good practice.


False Truth Appearing Real

Like a glass carboy full of water, the person being persecuted by lies can be destroyed.

Like the hairline stress fracture in every carboy, the person pressured by persecution can parish through a false witness:  child, neighbor, or an authority figure.

Such a victim is pushed around so called justice systems for monetary awards or enforced rights.

Such a victim is even vulnerable to the good intentions of mediators, friends and family.

When false witness is piled on victims through home, work, or nation, they are victims of victims.

Like a glass carboy full of water, the people become oppressed and nations bear false witness to protect them, but this is just making victims of victims.

This fear is even false and may motivate people to do acts that create greater pressure on victims.

Prevention is the cure.  Each stubborn lie that is held back by the false witness does the greatest good.

Each educated person who bared false witness has an opportunity to stop this destructive behavior.

A moral compass in an adult to abstain from giving birth to a lie is a painful evolution that grows from every child to teen to adult.

This is the real protection against false witness in society.

Stealing Home

Every act that destroys nature is a bad one.

A good one is a blessing:  the library, the park, the hospital, the services like roads and streets.

An ignorant one is usually a mistake:  bad business, abuses to land/property and descriptive phrases like “this home and native land.”

To treat the poor is a blessing that makes everyone of us a better person.

To treat the environment is good.

To act these good or blessing ways will led to a mature alliance with a great power.

To begin is to see nature as our greater good.

Faith Is Just A Feeling

Adultery is a way to act out of faith.

Most agree it is childish, but who isn’t from time to time.

Yet, faith is a calling every adult uses to painstakingly earn maturity.

Sexuality becomes a moot point to those with a faith bearing the fruit of adulthood.

Any human being is capable of loosing faith when suffocated by pornography, violence, or human trafficking.

The struggle to gain a balance with the way faith is, is an important commandment in our nature.


The Way To Nuture Nature

Is there a wrong way to kill?

Is there a better way to live and die?

Can some of the pain and suffering be worked out on this issue?

Will we study our own and learn how to work it out?

Can we better ourselves and stop diluting issues beyond our control?

The command to stop the act of killing must be of some worth.

To learn the way to live and die must be of some worth.

To decide the way to live and die is an important job that we can do for ourselves.