Happy BC Day

Sunday nite and the fireworks have just crashed through our atmosphere.  It has been a fun filled day.  I went to the casino with my mother and met my sister and brother-in-law.  We lost our shirts, but had a good time.  I went for dinner and a movie at my mom’s place and I have another wonderful day off tomorrow.

P.E.I. farmers help drought-hit Kenya – Prince Edward Island – CBC News

P.E.I. farmers help drought-hit Kenya – Prince Edward Island – CBC News.  The drought is making things complicated in a country that already has a challenge with everyday living conditions.  Other Canadian groups helping out are CMA,

Kenya Drought Relief

Posted on July 15, 2011 by Sam Chaise, and the Canadian arm of World Vision.   Vancouver, CBC, has a site dedicated to the drought and many Canadians are becoming aware of the extent of the issue.

Hatching A Feeling

Don’t judge and Don’t act on a feeling when it will harm yourself or others. Easier said than done. To practise this little ditty, I like to use a mantra or something like a slogan: Don’t judge, just stop for a second when hatching a feeling.

So, why the sage advice? Blogging for dollars? Looking for a sweet heart? I don’t know.