Chores Or Habits

Monday, today is chore day or should I call it a habit.  I’ve been living at this apartment since 2006.  And every Monday I do my chores.  I usually clean up the place.  I live in a bachelor apartment but I tend to spend the day trying to clean.  I get distracted by my other habits.  I usually go out to Value Village every Monday.  I am a creature of habit.  I can find a lot to buy at my favorite store.  And I like to return something or take a bag of old stuff I don’t use that is fit for reuse.  My friends call me Michael Recycle!  But I also like to visit relatives.  My mother, Betty and I get together on Monday to have lunch and catch up on the week.  She is retired and is a widow but you would never know it.  She is always up to something.  Very often, when I am visiting we may get another visitor or she will be unavailable for lunch because she is out with another friend or relative.  But I am forgeting about my chores, I have my laundry in the dryer and one load in the washer.  I will likely be on the Internet while I wait for my breakfast to digest.  I had a good wakeup with my usual T’ai Chi workout.  And I like to stretch and do some work on my abslide.  I’m making a cold salmon rice dish for lunch.  And I’ll bring a bottle of the wine I made.  I have the other habit of going to work every day.  I work making winekits.  And I love to blog and get on the social networks and try to read and write and research.  I generally go to bed early because I get up at 5 AM.  Now that is a chore.  I think we all do a lot of chores or have a lot of habits.

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